During the years we have provided clients across Sydney both facial and body contouring treatments, helping our clients achieve great results. Usually, they asked us many similar questions, which we decided to compile here and make it more convenient for our customers to get to know the info.

Q:  How much do your treatments cost?

A:  Most treatments start at $100 per session and our most expensive treatments cost no more than $200 per session.

Q:  Do you provide packages?

A: Yes most clients prefer to purchase treatment packages to take advantage of the reduced prices and save. Speak to one of our lovely team members to see what’s possible for your tailored treatment plan.

Q:  How often can I have non surgical treatments?

A:  You have to leave at least a 2-day gap between visits. You can do back to back if you drink lots of water and work out the night of your treatment to help remove the fat from the lymphatic system. To melt the fat, you do not need to exercise for this treatment to work. But it does help to remove the fat from the system faster.

Q:  Does the treatment hurt?

A:  No, not at all. The treatment is pretty much the same as an ultrasound.


Q:  Does it remove stretch marks, scars & cellulite? ?

A:    Yes it does, each session fades your problem areas.

Q:   Is there any reason why I can’t or shouldn’t have non surgical facial or body treatments?

A:   No there are not. However, if you are pregnant, trying for a baby or have any kind of metal/pins in your body you cannot do the treatment.

Q:   Do you have some kind of guarantee for the treatment?

A:  If you don’t loose at least 3cm in your session you don’t pay.


Q:  Is there anything I need to do prior to treatments and after treatments?

A:  Yes! Drink plenty of water.


Q:  What do I need to wear for the treatments?

A:  Anything comfortable for stomach, a G-string for buttocks.